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Lucina Yue 1Lucina Yue(月亮)

Lucina Yue, born in Xinjiang, is residing in New York. She is the Executive Director of the Konghou Society of Chinese Musicians Association, and the Executive Director of the Konghou Professional Committee of China Nationalities Orchestra Society. As an apprentice of Junzhi Cui, who is the founder of the modern Chinese Konghou art, Lucina Yue has been a pioneer of modern Chinese Konghou in Eastern United States.

She won the Award of Excellence and the first place for Konghou in the Folk Music Television Contest held by Chinese Central Television (CCTV); received the Gold Award from Hua’yin Cup Chinese Instrument Competition; and also awarded the Gold Award of Asian Arts Festival. Her debut of modern Chinese Konghou with a symphony in the Lincoln Center has successfully proved that western harp can be replaced. Moreover, during the New York Fashion Week, with her excellent cross-over performance with a fashion designer, Konghou has been introduced into mainstream society of the United States for the first time, which highly regarded as a new chapter of Chinese Traditional Musical Instruments. What’s worth mentioning is that her solo performance of the classical Konghou music Flutes& Drums at Sunset in a Celebrity Charity Party inUnited Nations has amazed her audiences.

By integrating the romantic charm and freedom of traditional Chinese culture along with the Western classical music, Lucina’s unique performing style was welcome by audiences. 

Lucina has also proudly served as the on-set music instructor for movies.《The Last Supper》 and 《The Assassins》. She also delivered wonderful performances in Beijing Modern Music Festival and Beijing International Youth Drama Festival.

Educational Background:

  • Konghou(箜篌): Apprentice of Junzhi Cui, who is the founder of the modern Chinese Konghou art, guest professor at the Central Conservatory of Music, mentor of the Central Conservatory of Music Masters Program, guest professor at the China Conservatory of Music, National Class One Performer of the the China National Orchestra, the President of the Konghou Society of Chinese Musicians Association, and the President of the Konghou Professional Committee of China Nationalities Orchestra Society.
  • Guzheng(古筝): Apprentice of representative figures from the Qin Zheng style. Disciple of the Qin Zheng style.
  • Koto: Apprentice of the Japanese famous Koto master Ando Tamaki.
  • Film: Directing major at Beijing Film Academy.


  • Konghou performer residing in the United States
  • Executive Director of the Konghou Society of Chinese Musicians Association
  • Executive Director of the Konghou Professional Committee of China Nationalities Orchestra Society

Lucina Yue 15Other Awards:

  • 2012 CCTV Folk Music Television Contest Award of Excellency; Title winner within Konghou division; the only solo performer from abroad that was shortlisted among 2887 participants.
  • 2012 CMAA Huain Cup Chinese Instrument Competition: Participated in the same division performing both Konghou and Guzheng, received Gold Award for Konghou and Silver Award for Guzheng.
  • 2010 Asian Arts Festival Folk Music Traditional Instrument Performance Gold Award.

Past Performances:

  • On 9th November 2016, performed to leaders from various religions for half session of the 15 anniversary concert of Museum of World Religions in Taiwan. The audience were strongly impressed.

    On 6th November 2016, invited by Metro Harp, gave a recital at Theatre 80 St Marks Place, New York, with excellent box-office and superb reputation achievement. Within preparation of only one week, attendance rate reached over 80% without free tickets and any media promotion. The concert, carried out in acoustic method without any amplifiers, was highly praised among harp playing industry. Mingming Lee, Vice President of China National Opera & Dance Drama Theater (CNODDT) Dance Drama Troupe, was specially invested as a guest dancer, to perform a crossover between classical dance and Konghou, promoting the traditional beauty of Chinese culture.


    On 9th September 2016, “Love Earth Love Peace” music concert at New York City Baha’i Center, performed by four talented musicians from different cultural backgrounds, among whom Yue Liang performed Konghou solo.



    On 8th September 2016, gave a border-crossing performance at New York Fashion Week.

  • Jan. 30th , 2016, Lecture at China Institute (New York): The Phoenix Dances in the sky –Lucina Yue’s artistry for Konghou. (China Institute was founded by Dr. Hu Shih, the famous philosopher, and other guest speakers included masters Lanfang Mei, Yan Mo, Henry Chang-Yu Lee, etc.)

  •  Oct. 25th , 2015, Master Hsin Tao’s Charity Performance in Rajagaha and New York Dojo.

  •  Sept. 13th , 2015, Lauren Deng’s Fashion Show, Static Exhibition and Celebrity Cocktail Party at New York Fashion Week.

  •  Sept. 12th , 2015, invited by the New York Fashion Week and the Fashion Galaxy Alliance (FGA), Lucina fashion show at the main venue of New York Couture Fashion Week. She was the musician who opened the show and provided the live music performance throughout the whole event, which caused a stir .

  •  Sept. 11th , 2015, invited by the New York Fashion Week and the Fashion Galaxy Alliance(FGA), Lucina presented a cross-over Konghou performance with a static fashion exhibition at the main venue of the New York Couture Fashion Week, which draw enormous attention from multiple fashion media.

  •  Aug. 15, 2015, concert in the True Color Museum. The performance was an exceptionally great success . The concert hall has capacity of 200 persons, but it was packed with over 600 spectators from across the country.

  •  June 2015, recital for Konghou and Guzheng at The Forum In Harrisburg PA, which was a great success.

  •  May 2015, invited to play a Konghou solo at the Headquarters of the United Nations , which has won the acknowledgment from leaders and guests of various countries. It’s the debut of Chinese Konghou at United Nations. 

  •  Apr. 2015, invited by New Asia Chamber Music Society  at Hersey Theatre to deliver a collaboration of Chinese and Western styles, which was praised as a complete success.

  •  2015, published in the China Postal STAMP FOR Cultural Masters’ Artistic Achievements Series, which includes stamps, stamp folders and postcards . 

  • 2014, published on the famous Magazine  <Dark Beauty>, her personal portrait on its official Facebook homepage was given around 8000 LIKE.

  •  Oct. 2014, attended the Shanghai Fashion Weekunder the invitation of Fashion Galaxy Alliance(FGA).

  •  Sept. 2014, attended the New York Fashion Weekas a special guest of Fashion Galaxy Alliance(FGA). 

  • 2014, invited to attend the award dinner of IMTA, the American famous talent competition, and her photo was published on the American beauty contest journal PAGEANTRY.

  •  July 2014, performed and attracted overwhelming enthusiasm at the Midsummer Chinese and Western Chamber Music Concert at Flushing Library, New York.

  •  2014, invited by New York Manhattan TV Station, she recorded the Guzheng solos of Muses at Autumn Night and Four Bolts of Brocade.

  • May 3rd, 2014, collaborated with the American COS Symphony at Lincoln Center, which was thedebut the mo of modern Chinese Konghou at that venue. It was also the first time for Konghou to replaced harp in western symphony, from which Lucina has received much praise from both the audiences and professionals and dozens of positive media coverage.

  • July 2014,at Flushing Library Midsummer Western chamber music concerts, Lucina preformed with pianist Huang Hailun, cellist Pei Ru Ye, and violinist Li Wei, which had an overwhelming enthusiastic response.
  • September 2014,at New York Fashion Week, she was a special guest of the United States elite federation (FGA).
  • October 2014, by invitation of the United States elite federation (FGA), Lucina attended Shanghai Fashion Week.
  • 2014: Invited to hold a solo concert “Unplugged Concert Serious No. 1) in New York (including lectures and demonstration)
  • 2014: Special guest at the ribbon cutting ceremony of the Flushing Voice Season 2 Competition.
  • 2013 Philadelphia Lantern Festival: performed Konghou and contra bass flute duet of “Autumn Recollections” and Guzheng solo.
  • June 2013: Invited by Lama Thinley and Caiwang Rinpoche to perform at the Karma Thegsum Choling at New Jersey for Karmapa’s birthday celebration.
  • 2013: Invited by the Chinese Musicians Associations to tour around England, France, and Norway and to attend the Belfort International Music Festival in France.


Lucina Yue 6Magazine Interview:

  • The classic magazine for high society in current China “Insider: Social and Business Circles” presented an extensive interview and photo exhibition of Lucina Yue in the article “Here Comes the Phoenix,” featured in the Insider Annual Artist section of its August Issue.

†August 2014, the most well-known American Chinese television talk show,“New York Lounge” featured Lucina’s song, “New Konghou Music– Lucina: 

fingertip flowing sound of the Konghou“, as well as a personal interview about her artistic experiences

and method. This is the first Konghou performer interview shown on  television program.


Interviews links:

  • New York Luange “New Konghou Music- Lucina: fingertip flowing sound of the Konghou”:          http: //         1-95779-505ea0c0bcfb71e2157af43d834602e4

Xinhuanet, “First time the Chinese modern Konghou debuted at the Lincoln Center, virtuoso

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